Photography workshop

On Thursday the second of August Team Waldock had the great opportunity to have a go at a photography workshop.

Rachel was our teacher and she taught us how to take fantastic photos. She told us to make sure we look around the edges of the photo to so we don’t  get any unwanted things in the photo. We learnt about the three thirds rule of taking a picture. The three thirds rule means that you have to have an interesting thing in each third of the photo.

We went outside and took some terriffic pictures!

Here are some of our best ones.




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By, Aisy and Emi



This past week,  32 excited grade 6 students went to canberra for our annual school trip. We went to the airport at 5 am to so were ready for our six AM  flight. it took us two planes to get to canberra and one stop in the middle. we arrived at canberra airport, got our luggage and went to our bus. fist we drove up mt ainslie to the lookout over canberra. our second stop was the war memorial. We saw lots of pictures, paintings, aircrafts,helicopters and the big wall of poppies and names outside. next we went to our campsite, peewee lodge. we  slept well and had an early breakfast. throughout the week we stopped at many different interesting places such as the art gallery, museum, questacon, parliament house,old parliament house, australian institute of sport , telstra tower and bowling. each night we returned back to peewee for the night then we were up early and on the road again in the morning. thursday morning we got up had breakfast and hit the road for sydney. im not exactly sure how long the bus trip was but it was worth the wait. when we arrived at sydney we stopped at the park for lunch. after that we walked to the opera house then jumped on the ferry. that night we stayed at a youth hostel in the city. Friday morning we walked to the ferry once again to visit the zoo. we saw an amazing amount of animals and took lots of photos. coming back  home was sad but so exciting to see family again.

by Emily.

Canberra Trip

Team Waldock is currently on a ten day Easter break. This gives us a chance to have a rest before some of us head to Canberra for a week long stay. Canberra is the capital city of Australia and it is full of interesting things to see and do. ‘Canberra’ means ‘meeting place’ in Aboriginal and our trip there allows us to apply everything we have been learning about Australian Government. We will be visiting the National Gallery, Science and Technology Centre, War Memorial and both the old and new Parliament Houses.

Please leave your comments about your experiences of Canberra.

Our class

Hi everyone,
This year Mrs waldocks class have been having great fun making circuts in science. 
At first we made them with real wires and the next week we made circuts with foil replacing the wires and most
people (including Me) managed to make it work!
What are you Enjoying in our class this year?

Run, run, run as fast as you can!

Hi Everyone

Our school is busy training hard for our Athletics Carnival on the 9th of March. Our three houses are called Derwent, Tasman and Montagu. We all compete in races including the long distance race, the shuttle relay as well as sprints and tunnel ball. Everyone who runs in a race gets points for their house. The winning house is the one with the highest total at the end of the carnival. We would like to know what you know about running. Are you good at running? Do you like long distance or short sprint races? Is running your favourite sport and if not, what is?

From Megan and Mitch

Happy Holidays!

Hi everyone

Team Waldock is on holidays until February 16th 2012. During that time we are all enjoying the warm weather and spending time with family and friends. We would like to have a class pet this year, but we are not sure what sort of pet would be best. We would really like some comments about class pets – any tips would be really welcome!

Thanks 🙂